The Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Basic Concept

We opened the Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 2016 as the third Faculty to nurture leaders in the fields of politics, public administration, economy and management with practical education by professional instructors. The basic concept of the Faculty appears below.

1.To study political science and economics is to create a rich world.

At the Faculty of Political Science and Economics of Yamato University we offer a broad overview of each field of political science and economics, cultivates a practical and practical viewpoint based on specialized theory and knowledge. Thus, we develop human resources who can be active and contribute to the field of politics, administration, economics and management.

2.Without politics, economy cannot be discussed. Without economy, talking on politics is of little meaning.

At the Faculty of Political Science and Economics of Yamato University we offer a broad overview of each field of political science and economics, cultivates a practical and practical viewpoint based on specialized theory and knowledge. Thus, we develop human resources who can be active and contribute to the field of politics, administration, economics and management.

The President of Yamato University, Ryotaro Tanose, gives a special lecture to the students.

Main Features of the Faculty of Political Science and Economics

1.Students can study each area of social sciences

Students can study each area of social sciences such as business administration, sociology, law, commerce, policy studies, administrative science as well as political science and economics as shown below. Yamato University has the only Faculty of Political Science and Economics in Western Japan.

2.Weekly practical lectures by executives of companies representing Kansai business circle

We conduct weekly practical lectures by executives of companies representing Kansai business circle in order to guide the students for future career. In view of collaboration with the business circle as an internship destination, it is expected that student's view on occupation, task consciousness, and acquiring knowledge and capability will deepen and become more practical.

●List of Kansai companies

  • Daiwa House, Ltd., T. Higuchi (Chairman cum CEO)

  • Bank of Kyoto, Ltd., M. Anami (Managing Director)

3.Special Lecture

Special lectures by special professors who are active at the front lines of politics and economics, such as active members of the Diet and high-ranking government officials who have extensive experience at the bureaucracy, are conducted in a monthly relay form. Boasting a strong connection with the political and business world, Yamato University provides an opportunity for the students to understand the realities of politics, the current situation of administration, economics, management, tasks, etc. which is unmatched at other universities.

  • N. Ishihara, Former Economic & Fiscal Policy Minister

  • S. Noda, Member of House of Representatives

4.As undergraduate, Japan's first attempt ! Training at the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management

The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management was established in 1979 by Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Matsushita Electric (now Panasonic), to nurture human resources who have strong belief and high aspirations to create ideal Japan and the world with their own hands. They undertake self-training based on their own training program under the training policies of the local site. Graduates are active as leaders in various fields such as politicians, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers. We would like to foster the next generation of leaders. We hold training camp for the freshman desiring to be trained at the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, lofty ideas of which overlap with the intent and feelings of this faculty wishing to nurture the leader of the next generation.

  • Matsushita Institute of Government and Management

5.Students can get valuable guidance for life with career conscious learning from the beginning of entrance.

We are preparing a program that allows the students to experience actual operations of companies, politics and public administration from the first year in anticipation of four years later. For example, the students are able to experience corporate, political and administrative scene by visiting the National Assembly / government offices, and local councils as well as company tours and internships. Through these experiences full of realism that cannot be learned only by classroom studies, the students arouse interests, knowledge, thinking and understanding through deeper learning.

Foster future leaders!

The number of students in the first grade is relatively small, 40 in the department of politics and administration and 80 in the departments of economics and management. We employ homeroom teacher system during the entire four years and we also adopt seminar-style teaching from the third year, thus providing the students with double guidance. We aim to train students in small numbers so that they can become leaders of society by thorough guidance such as supporting each student properly.

7.We are the only Faculty in western Japan where students can learn across political sciences and economics

What we learn at this faculty is a multi-view perspective that enables the student to broadly appreciate the fields of politics and economics. It is a practical perspective backed by rich expertise and theory in each field. For this reason, we develop a career-conscious education from the beginning. A number of courses are branched off from Politics and Public Administration and Economics and Management departments starting from the third year. Various related subjects are in place in each department and each course, enabling the student to learn a wide range of fields across mutual areas.

8.Collaborate with a vocational school that has a proven track record! Full support to the students who wish to become civil servants and/or to acquire qualifications.

The future of graduates of this faculty is to be active at the front lines of the political and business world. To this end, by collaboration with the LEC which has highly proven records in supporting acquisition of qualifications and the KEC Education Group well-established in English education and TOEIC, and we establish our own countermeasure lectures. Since it allows the students to take classes at the university, there is little burden on school attendance etc., and there is a merit that they can take lessons with cheap tuition fees.

9.Civil service exam preparation course

We offer courses to prepare students for civil service exam at our Faculty. Students can take courses corresponding to extensive civil service exams ranging from the career-track and non-career position for national civil servants at the ministries and local branches to regional senior civil servants such as prefectural government and designated cities, national tax officials (tax office), labor standards inspectors, court administrative officials, police officers, and firefighters. Above courses are designed not only to pass the primary exam, but also to prepare fully for the job interview test to win job offer.

Faculty of Political Science and Economics [Capacity: 120 students]

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Capacity: 40 students

Develop politicians and civil servants at both the national & local governments who determine overall direction, prioritize policies, allocate resources and implement the policies. 

Department of Economics and Management

Capacity: 80 students

 Develop economists and corporate executives, entrepreneurs, accountants who assess economic conditions, plan & execute corporate strategies, create new businesses and prepare financial reports.


Department Structure and Course Features (Student selects a course by the beginning of the junior year.) Department of Political Science and Public Administration

We nurture human resources strong in politics and public administration who will lead and support the future society of Japan and the local community. The student can select either Political Science course or Public Administration course.

1.Political Science course

Recognizing the importance of politics as a fundamental framework of society, people’s livelihoods and society as a whole, we train students to acquire an ability for execution after learning expert knowledge and theory of political science to develop a vison to open up tomorrow.

2.Public Administration course

This course is designed to develop human resources capable of seeing the issues of national and local society, to nurture policies to solve problems, to acquire ideas and practical skills necessary for creating a rich society, and to cultivate human resources who can contribute to society.

  • Lecture at the Business Creation and Succession class

Department of Economics and Management

Department Structure and Course Features

With a global perspective, we foster human resources who will become business leaders to open up a new future with flexible thinking. The student can select from 5 majors: Accounting and Finance, Business Creation and Succession Planning, Business Strategy, International Business, and Economics and Economic Analysis. You may customize your learning by taking electives in addition to courses required by your major.

1. Accounting and Finance course

This major gives the student comprehensive training in economics, finance and accounting. All of our courses give you a foundation of skills businesses demand: practical knowledge of financial institutions and markets, accounting, and economics. Gaining a Nissho (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) bookkeeping qualification, your professional competence will be recognized by your prospective employers.

2. Business Creation and Succession Planning course

You can set up your own business or plan for business succession with skills gained from this program including: knowledge of legal requirement, managerial leadership, and small business access to capital. In addition, this major offers programs that cultivate information communication technology (ICT) needed to play leadership roles in rapidly globalizing spheres of business.

3. Business Strategy course

This course provides for comprehensive understanding of business issues such as cost management, management strategy, and management organization. Students may expand their expertise by taking courses in management, accounting, management information, and marketing.

4. International Business course

Studying issues concerning international trade and trade policy from both theoretical and historical perspectives, students can deepen their understanding of international distribution and sales strategies as well as the latest marketing trends.

5. Economics and Economic Analysis course

Economics and Economic Analysis deals with various economic issues, both theoretically and historically, and investigates the nature of policies that should be adopted. This major cultivates specialized professionals who can contribute to the global economy and society by their practical and creative abilities to analyze the appropriate policy responses to a variety of economic issues.

  Year 1 Year 2  Year 3 Year 4


Learn the fundamental skills and understand related subjects with a perspective of studying for 4 years. Besides, from the beginning of the entrance we conduct education that cultivates career consciousness.
Select specialized course to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for society and to deepen further the knowledge through graduation thesis, which enables the student to decide the goal of future course.

Special Lecture

Think career from the first year and cultivate basic skills required in society. While experiencing career volunteer practice and internship, the student cultivates knowledge, skills and experience.

Pair Guidance System

Conduct vocational experiences, industry / corporate seminars, special courses, qualification acquisition courses from the first year in order to deepen the understanding of occupation, thereby acquiring knowledge and practical capability to realize the future course.
      Seminar teacher is in charge of graduation thesis in the 3rd and 4th year, and provides professional guidance.